• Address: Head Office: Al Rehman Plaza, 3rd Floor, G11 Markaz,

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LCC Pakistan (PVT) Ltd- A Talkpool Company, a driving force in the telecommunications industry, is empowered by a seasoned senior management team that shapes the company's trajectory with strategic prowess and operational finesse. Leading this leadership ensemble is Faraz Zafar (CEO), a forward-thinking visionary whose strategic acumen and innovative mindset have cemented LCC Pakistan's role as a pioneer in the constantly evolving telecommunications sector.

Guiding the financial helm of the company is the accomplished CFO, Mr. Hamd ullah Usmani. With an illustrious career and a profound understanding of the financial intricacies of the telecommunications sector, Mr. Usmani brings a wealth of experience to LCC Pakistan. His strategic financial planning, risk management expertise, and insightful decision-making have been pivotal in ensuring the company's fiscal health while navigating the challenges of a dynamic industry.

Complementing Mr. Faraz Zafar and Mr. Hamd ullah Usmani is a formidable team of senior executives, each contributing their unique strengths to the mix. The senior management embodies a mosaic of skills that fuels LCC Pakistan's growth and innovation. With their collaborative leadership, LCC Pakistan continues to redefine industry standards, consistently providing cutting-edge telecommunications solutions and unparalleled value to its diverse customer base across the nation.

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