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Since acquiring LCC Pakistan (Pvt) in 2017, the local revenue has remained stable at around one billion PKR local currency whereas the revenue in Euros has dropped due to currency devaluations. The Pakistani company has after the Covid lockdown managed a turnaround and business has gained momentum, mainly by hiring several new senior sales staff while increasing efficiency. Lately, the company has signed several promising business agreements.
In competition with strong competitors, Talkpool Pakistan signed a Network Testing contract with one of the major mobile operators in the country, worth approximately EUR 700’000 per year. Talkpool has also won a large network equipment installation contract with an equipment vendor to a value of EUR 200’000. Furthermore, Talkpool has won digitization contracts to a value of EUR 100’000 that are ramped up during August 2021. Talkpool Pakistan also has several digitization solutions trials ongoing that, if successful, can result in large orders before the end of the year.

In the past years, large investments from China have been made into Pakistan, connecting western China with a large harbor in Pakistan through motorways and rail. Large Chinese Telecom bets on Telecom have also been made and Talkpool has been selected as supplier for several key Chinese investments in Pakistan.

Talkpool owns the leading digitization services business in Pakistan with offices all over the country and contracts with leading clients such as Telenor, China Mobile, Jazz, Ufone, USF, Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia, and ZTE that award the orders mentioned above. Talkpool expects to increase the number of employees in Pakistan from 793 in June to approximately 1’100 in September 2021. “Our hard groundwork is starting to pay off. The Covid crisis has made us stronger and we’re looking positive on the future”, comments Talkpool Pakistan’s Managing Director Faraz Zafar.

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