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Syed Bilal Haider Shirazi

PMO Manager

Let’s meet Syed Bilal Haider Shirazi working as a PMO Manager at LCC Pakistan. Our diligent PMO Manager with a serious demeanor is always focused on hard work and dedication. Despite rarely flashing a smile, there is a softer side to him that exudes profound affection for birds, especially hens, which he proudly nurtures at home, bringing him immense joy and satisfaction. But it’s not just the avian world that captivates him; Syed Bilal also has an unyielding passion for embarking on journeys down long, winding roads. Driving gives him a sense of liberation and the opportunity to explore new places.
Bilal’s educational journey includes a BBA/MBA from Hazara University, Mansehra, which he completed in 2009. His career kicked off as an intern at Netkom in 2009, and he worked his way up to Assistant Manager Billing before moving to LCC Pakistan in June 2015 as Assistant Manager Billing. Currently, he holds the role of PMO Manager, where he skillfully manages Revenue, Acceptance, Billing, and Collection processes.

Syed Bilal’s experience with the company has been overwhelmingly positive, as he finds the company culture inclusive and supportive. The focus on professional growth and development has allowed him to acquire new skills and embrace more challenging projects. Though, like any organization, there have been occasional challenges, Syed Bilal finds the overall experience to be deeply rewarding. Grateful for the opportunities given to him, he eagerly looks forward to continuing his journey with the company, making valuable contributions along the way.

On having a word with him about his experience at LCC Pakistan, he said:

“I appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback about this company. Overall, my experience has been positive, with several aspects that stand out as commendable. The management team has been attentive to employee feedback and actively seeks ways to enhance employee satisfaction and well-being. The company’s focus on professional growth and development is also noteworthy, as it has allowed me to expand my skill set and take on new challenges. However, I believe there is room for improvement in terms of communication between different departments. Enhancing cross-departmental collaboration and streamlining communication channels could further optimize the workflow and promote efficiency. Overall, I feel privileged to be part of this company and am optimistic about its future trajectory. I look forward to seeing further growth and success as we continue to work together as a team."