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 Omaid Khurshid

Finance Manager

I would like to introduce our Finance Manager, Omaid Khurshid, whose journey within LCC Pakistan Pvt Ltd A Talkpool Company has been marked by remarkable dedication and achievements. With a Bachelor’s in Commerce from the University of Central Punjab, a Master’s in Accounting and Finance from Preston University, and ongoing pursuits in Cost and Management Accounting at ICMAP, Omaid’s educational background is impressive. His professional journey began in 2012 when he joined Highrise Pvt Ltd as a finance officer. Later, in 2014, he transitioned to LCC Pakistan, taking on the role of a finance admin. Since then, he has demonstrated his dedication and talent, making notable career advancements. In 2022, Omaid was appointed Manager of Internal Audit, and in 2023, he was entrusted with the role of Manager of Finance, reflecting the trust and confidence LCC Pakistan places in his abilities.

During his tenure with LCC Pakistan, Omaid has experienced remarkable personal and professional growth. He started as a Finance Admin and gradually honed his skills, receiving support and recognition from the organization. His contributions have led to the implementation of streamlined workflow systems, marking a transition to a paperless environment. The nurturing and collaborative atmosphere within LCC Pakistan, characterized by mutual support and learning, has enriched his overall experience.

As the Finance Manager at LCC Pakistan, Omaid Khurshid plays a pivotal role in leading the finance department. His responsibilities include active participation in financial planning, budget analysis, and forecasting. He provides valuable recommendations for enhancing business performance and strategies to the management. Omaid also excels in developing financial models for new business initiatives and offering insights to guide effective investment decisions. Managing cash flow, credit limits, tax planning, and liaising with the FBR are among his key duties.

In his own words,
“Omaid Khurshid expresses a deep affiliation with LCC Pakistan’s culture and values. He acknowledges the support from his colleagues and the visionary management team, which underscores our commitment to individual growth and innovation. Omaid remains optimistic about our company’s potential to achieve remarkable milestones and become a leading multinational corporation in the telecom industry. His enthusiasm to contribute to the journey of our esteemed organization is truly inspiring and reflects his strong belief in our collective success".