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Fawad Zishan Ansari

Key Account Manager

Introducing Mr. Fawad Zishan Ansari, a seasoned professional with a strong educational foundation, possessing an MBA in Marketing and an MS in IT from PIMSAT University. With a career spanning over 18 years, he has demonstrated his commitment to excellence and a diverse skill set. His journey includes a significant 12-year stint with Huawei as an Account Sales Manager, followed by 2 years at Jaffer Business Systems in the role of Manager of Sales/Marketing. Subsequently, he contributed for 4 years as the Director of Sales/Marketing at Prime Telepower Solutions. Currently, since August 2021, Mr. Fawad has been serving as the Key Account Manager at LCC, where he plays a pivotal role in sales, revenue generation, competition management, cross-selling, and relationship management.

In his tenure with LCC, Mr. Fawad has found a work environment that he describes as kin to a supportive family. He highlights the company's culture as one where colleagues and seniors collaborate closely, fostering a sense of unity and collective growth. The motivational opportunities provided by the organization have been instrumental in his career development and have, in turn, contributed to the overall success of the company. For Mr. Fawad, LCC's environment is comparable to a thriving tree, where interconnected branches symbolize support and cooperation, essential elements for individual and organizational success.

His feedback underscores the importance of a friendly and collaborative workplace, emphasizing that such an environment is not just beneficial for the individual but crucial for the overall success of the organization. Mr. Fawad's experience at LCC stands as a testament to the company's commitment to fostering a positive and nurturing workplace that cultivates both personal and professional growth.